Welcome to the website of the Chaslerie manor.

Aerial vue of the Chaslerie manor house © Jérôme Travert

The Chaslerie is located in Normandy, about 250 kms West of Paris and 80 kms from “Mont Saint-Michel” and from D-Day beaches.

Set in the verdant green rolling hills near Domfront, the Chaslerie is comprised of several buildings erected centuries ago with local sandstone, slate and tile from the edge of French Brittany.

Landscape of the Chaslerie manor

These building materials give the Chaslerie its unity, in spite of a large variety of styles and volumes, notably at roof level.

The Chaslerie manor house is a Historic Monument under the French law. It is being carefully restored by its current owners, Mr and Mrs Pierre-Paul Fourcade, who aquired it in 1991.

Here, part of the team who is curently restoring the Chaslerie.

Here, part of the team who is currently restoring the Chaslerie manor house. From left to right : Pascal POIRIER (sculptor), Bernard CORBIERE (gardener), Roland BOUSSIN (roofer), Claude MARTIN (retired mason), Franck LIEGEAS (carpenter), Pascal MAIZERAY (mason) and Pierre-Paul FOURCADE (cupbearer and payer).