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Boris Johnson sends unsigned request to Brussels for Brexit delay

PM sends photocopy of request required by Benn act to Donald Tusk with a conflicting view in a second letter

Boris Johnson has sent a letter to European council president Donald Tusk requesting a further Brexit delay beyond 31 October.

Despite the prime minister’s insistence that he would not “negotiate” a further extension of the UK’s membership of the EU, he confirmed on Saturday evening that he had sought such a prolongation.

Shortly after 10pm London time Tusk tweeted: “The extension request has just arrived. I will now start consulting EU leaders on how to react.”

Johnson sent three letters: an unsigned photocopy of the request he was obliged to send under the Benn act, an explanatory letter from the UK’s ambassador to the EU and a letter explaining why Downing Street did not want an extension.

N.D.L.R. : Que tout ceci est compliqué ! La perfide Albion, telle que je l'ai connue durant mon temps à la "Standard Chartered", n'a pas fini de se montrer retorse.